Apr 23 2015

CherryPy questions: testing, SSL and Docker

Basically this is a CherryPy work-in-progress article. However, it aims to draw the line with testing infrastructure I was working on, as it seems to be completed. The article covers what has been done and what issues I met along the way of reviving the test suite to serve its purpose. The way is not traversed fully of course and there’s a lot left to do. It also seeks to justify concerns about CherryPy SSL functionality’s correctness and viability. As well, it tries to answer appeared questions about official Docker image and its range of application.

Jan 25 2015

Future of CherryPy: bright and shiny?

First off, I really hope so, tough at the same time I see the reasons for it. Moreover I have been trying to contribute back to the community by giving knowledge that could hopefully cut the rough edges that I’ve met on my way of learning and employing CherryPy [1]. And when CherryPy is calling, I have something to say.

This article is my consideration in reply to the holiday post [2] by Sylvain Hellegouarch in CherryPy user group about its current state and future, which recalls to older big discussion [3] about the status of development of CherryPy.